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chugen Chugen
-(or Ochugen)
-Midyear present
funeral Funeral
miai Miai
-(or Omiai)
-Meeting for marriage
nakoudo Nakoudo
seibo Seibo
-(or Oseibo)
-Year-end gift
wedding Wedding
yuinou Yuinou
-Betrothal presents
year-end gift year-end gift
What is Oseibo?
  The Seibo (or Oseibo) is year-end gift.

In Japan, there is a custom of presenting the gift to the indebted person in July and December.
The one of July is called "Ochugen".
And the other one of December is called "Oseibo".
This "O" is a prefix applied when the word is politely paraphased.
We will present the Oseibo to an indebted person by December 1st to December 20th .

The package like this image is used for the present of "Seibo".

We call this package "noshi" or "noshigami" in Japanese.

  The title of Oseibo is written on upper half of this package. And, a presenter's name is written on lower half of this one.
To whom is the Oseibo presented?
  Generally, we send Oseibo (Year-end present) to the following list.
  (1)The relative. (2)The Nakoudo (matchmaker). (3)The physicians or doctor in charge. (4)The teacher at each learning. (5)The superior and the customer in the company etc. .
  If you judge from your idea you were not especially indebted from them, it is not necessary to present Oseibo to the superior in the company and the teacher at the school.
When is the Oseibo presented?
  The greater part of people will present Oseibo by December 1st to December 20th on the solar calendar.
  That gift becomes a name of "Nenga" or "Onenga" between about December 26 and January 7.
This name means the greeting that celebrates the new year.
What gifts are presented as the Oseibo (Year-end present)?
  Today, it is popular to present the Sanchokuhin.
The"sanchokuhin" is the word meaning "Commodity or goods that will be sent directly from the producer or production's shop or production's factory".
We call "sanchokuhin" or "sanchichokusouhin" about them.
  When "sanchokuhin" is not chosen, we present the food (salmon, herring roe, and ham, etc.) to welcome the New Year.
Sake, meat, the fruit, and the crab, etc. are also popular.
  Please decide the present in consideration of other party's favor and family structure.
How much is the budget of this present?
  Please decide the budget according to the depth of association with the person who receive it.
It is thought that Oseibo (year-end gift) is more important than Ochugen (midyear present).
The present is chosen by the budget (3,000 yen, 4,000 yen, 5,000 yen, 10,000 yen, 20,000 yen, 30,000 yen, 50,000 yen, 100,000 yen) centering on 5,000 yen.

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