Manners of ceremonial occasions in Japan.(The custom in Japan.)

season greetings 
The word “Chugen” has come from Taoism.
On the lunar calender, July 15 is ceremonial day of Taoism. [more info…]
midyear presentChugen
or Ochugen
In Japan, there is a custom of presenting the gift to the indebted person in July and December. The one of December is called Oseibo. [more info…]
year-end giftSeibo
or Oseibo
There are 2 types of meeting with a view to marriage.
The one is “the one to one”, and the other is “party of the group”. [more info…]
meeting with a view to marriageMiai
marriage meeting
The traditional flow of the ceremony of meeting with a view to marriage is as follows. [more info…]
There is a wedding of various types.
We explains three types of wedding. [more info…]
The betrothal presents is a ceremony of the match of both houses where the marriage is decided. [more info…]
betrothal presentsYuinou
betrothal presents
Most remains are cremated in Japan. “Tsuya” is the last night that the soul of the dying person spends by this world. [more info…]